Health Tips for Skiers

Skiing is a recreational sport which is carried out in harsh weather conditions all day long for days at a time and after long breaks. It uses muscles that you don’t always use and often involves significant travel to and from the vacation resort.

Our health tips for skiers provide ways to mitigate the effects that these sudden, dramatic and taxing changes can have on the body. In addition we will give you tips to take you from prevention to improving and maximizing your time on the slopes so you can have the best ski season possible!In case you need to know. Les 2 Alpes

We can break these up into three periods: before, during and after skiing.

In addition we can break the solutions into three categories:

  1. Ski fitness training.
  2. The immune system and skiing.
  3. Nutrition for skiers.

By focussing on these areas you will do a lot to promote a safer, more energetic and healthier ski season.