Nutrition for Skiers

Nutritions for Skiers

Maintaining good nutrition while skiing will boost your energy and is important both for your safety andRenato The Man!  Les Deux Alpes for your enjoyment. As a more energetic skier you will make less potentially dangerous mistakes and will be able to work harder perfecting skills and conquering your next goals.

Skiing is exercising so you should eat as if you are working out and building muscle since, well… you are. Eat nutritious meals with lots of protein and a good amount of carbohydrates. Don’t worry, you will burn it up and a lot of body fat too.

Start with a nutritious breakfast. It can not be overstated how important breakfast is for the full-day athlete.

On the mountain keep some energy or protein bars in your backpack or jacket pocket. I love Clif Bars for this. They are easy to pull out on the trails to keep yourself going and are much healthier than the candy bars you are likely to find slope-side. A couple per day should be fine. Buy them in bulk to save some money, especially if you are traveling with a group. Dried fruit and nuts also make great energy snacks but get some carbohydrates in as well.

Often overlooked is the need to keep hydrated. Your body loses a lot of liquids while skiing so make sure you drink a lot. Lot’s of skiers carry a water bottle or camelback but try to take precautions so that the water in the drinking tube does not freeze.