Ski Fitness Training

Ski fitness training should begin well before the ski season. A ski-centric conditioning workout will make your skiing more enjoyable and less stressful. This will help you get more out of your skiing by enabling you to push yourself to the next level and will help prevent injury on the slopes.

Attending the gym regularly is just the starting point though. To ski safely and really bump your skiing up to the next level you need to adjust your regime to include exercises specifically geared to skiing.

Here are the main muscle groups you need to focus on for ski fitness training (in decreasing order of importance for skiing)Uphill in 50 kph winds and a wind chill factor of -32C. Doing the last leg back to L2A on our own power (till a snowmobile came by and pulled us the last few hundred meters) - La Grave

  • Quadricep
  • Hamstrings and Glutes
  • Thighs
  • Calves
  • Abs
  • Back
  • Arms

There is a lot of info available on ski fitness training and the trainers at your gym can be another valuable resource as well. The folks at Fitness Blender have put together the best ski conditioning workout I’ve seen, as well as lots of other great workouts, check them out.

Begin your ski fitness training at least a couple of months before ski season. Train 3x/week along with a regular cardio and strength workout regimen. If at the beginning it’s difficult to complete the entire workout lower the amount of reps instead of cutting it short, that way you’ll be sure to work all the muscle groups, then ramp it up increasing the reps over the next few weeks.

This regimen includes the following exercises:

10 Exercises total in 5 sets

2 exercises per set

3 rounds of each set

~16 reps in each round

  1. Isolation Jump Squats x 16 / Russian Twists x14
  2. Agility Dots x 16 / Tricep Dips x 16
  3. Single Leg Lateral Hops x 20 each leg / High Knee Step Over x 12
  4. Single Leg Ventral Hops x 20 each leg / Three Point Squat x 6
  5. Low Squat Jump Twist x 20 / Lunge with Rotation x 12