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SkiBump: to get the most from your ski vacations.

Let’s list some of the special considerations involved with participating in the amazing sport called skiing:

  • Hours of travel to and from ski area often by both car and plane and often to a foreign country.
  • Harsh conditions requiring specialized clothing: Thermals, socks, ski suit, eyewear, gloves.
  • Safety considerations requiring specialized safety equipment: Helmet, backpack (Arva, shovel, probe for backcountry skiers).
  • Ski gear: Boots, poles, skis.
  • Uses muscles in ways not focused on in regular workout plans.
  • The cold combined with the physical exertion also require that you boost your immune system to stay health.
  • Choosing the right resort in the right season and the right hotel at the right price.
  • Lift tickets packages and discounts
  • Weather-proof cameras to create lasting memories, with a camera that will last.
  • Ski-School, private instruction, video courses

SkiBump aims to give you an edge on making the right decisions with all these issues and more. We help eliminate those moments when you say to yourself: I wish I knew that before! With a sport like skiing where so many people only ski a couple of times a year at best this is a common occurrence and people waste time and money by not having the right information. SkiBump aims to lower the learning curve both for new or infrequent skiers as well as for seasoned and frequent skiers by providing a series of constantly updating articles with one goal in mind: To help you maximize your ski time, be as prepared as can be and have the equipment that you need to allow you to focus on having a great, safe time.

We aim to provide you with valuable advice and tips to help you:

  • Prepared for the season in the best way possible
  • Stay healthy throughout the season
  • Travel smart in North America and in Europe etc.
  • Purchase the appropriate ski equipment for you
  • Spend smart
  • Dress smart for all weather conditions
  • Maximize your time on the slopes
  • Bump your skiing up to the next level

We share with you our advice from years of experience skiing in resorts around the world.

We hope you will come back often to learn more and share your own advice as well. We are interested in your feedback and hope this site will develop into a community of enthusiasts.

Have a great season!